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3 Reasons Facebook ads will get you the best ROI

Newcomers to online advertising can easily get caught up in the next trendy platform, spending a great deal of time and money generating quick shares and likes. However, a successful ad campaign requires effective marketing tools that will funnel your customers from awareness to purchase. For video advertisements that work, you don’t need to go further than Facebook.

They may not be shiny and new, but Facebook video advertisements will bring your would-be customers through the stages of the sales process without having to chase after them in an increasingly fragmented marketplace.

Here’s why:

  1. Targeting

When it comes to targeting audiences, Facebook is best in class. With 1.86 billion monthly active users (as of Dec 31, 2016), it is the world’s largest social media platform. All of those people openly share their personal information and interests with the site, allowing video advertisers to get extremely specific with who they target.

Perhaps more importantly, Facebook allows you to retarget users who have been exposed to your content. A person who has watched at least half of your video has demonstrated interest in your product or service. They are open to receiving your message.

You can retarget in a whole variety of scenarios including:

  1. Retarget your email list or segments of it with a specific offer on Facebook.
  2. Retarget people who watched any of your past video ads, or engaged with your page.
  3. Retarget website visitors or people who visited certain pages.

Retargeting moves a potential customer from awareness to consideration; now they may buy.

  1. Building Trust

Before clicking the checkout button, a customer must have some degree of trust in the seller. Trust begins with familiarity, and fortunately, this can be established quickly through repetitive exposure to advertisements.

Targeting and retargeting brings your prospective customer on a journey from becoming familiar with you to trust you, to purchasing from you. Facebook’s retargeting abilities can be effectively leveraged to move them down the next step in your funnel.

  1. Staying Power

Facebook users don’t want to click on an ad that will move them off the site. This suits Facebook just fine. Since video ads are embedded right into the home feed, clicking “play” on your ad won’t be an interruption. Instead, it just might add value to their browsing experience by showing them a product or service that they’d be interested in purchasing.

Video ads on Facebook are here to stay because they work. They are targeted, trustworthy, and convenient for consumers. If you’d like to learn more about why and how to use Facebook video ads, Memory Tree Productions has created a useful infographic that’s a primer on Facebook video ads.







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