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Why Simplicity Is a No-Brainer In Digital Marketing

Consumers live in a world that presents almost unlimited demands on their time and attention. This world also offers fantastic new options for marketers and their brands to reach new market segments that can support long-term growth. However, as the online world becomes more crowded, both customers and businesses can experience difficulty when trying to achieve their goals.
Digital marketing presents companies with opportunities to create an integrated online presence that accurately and favorably promotes their brand. Unfortunately, intense competition and poorly crafted content can cause even the best efforts to go unnoticed. Here you will learn why simplicity is a no-brainer for all your digital marketing channels.
Social Media Content
Think about your audience. Like most people, they are inundated with countless tweets, status updates, and direct messages. As a result, they feel the pressures of time and will promptly ignore any content that does not quickly deliver value. With this in mind, you should always have clarity as your goal.
After creating your content, review it and eliminate unnecessary words so it fits the ideal word count. Also, assess your word choices and replace passive and weak works with active words that carry weight.
Of course, clarity and simplicity go hand-in-hand. In fact, in many situations, the quality of your content can give you an edge over your competitors. Furthermore, the time and effort you spend to create simple content will earn you the trust and loyalty of your audience.
Facebook Ads
Realizing the differences between available channels can help you understand why your digital strategy must emphasize simplicity. Like most PPC platforms, Facebook provides advertisers with a relatively small space. Therefore, the message you deliver must quickly captivate the attention of your readers and compel them to respond with a click. Afterward, they can glean additional information from your website or landing page.
Another advertising platform, the billboard, gives a good comparison to Facebook ads. As people drive down the road, they have only a few seconds to see the sign, understand its meaning and respond to it. Similarly, social media users have their focus on things other than ads. For this reason, your message must attract attention and make an impact in a matter of seconds.
A simple digital ad hinges on as many as three elements squeezed into your allotted space. Start with bold artwork that stands out from surrounding content. Next, craft a concise headline that commands attention. Finally, use as many as ten words to ask for a response.
Email Marketing
Regardless of what you think about email, it still offers fantastic opportunities for you as a digital marketer. Still, you should never expect to achieve automatic success just by sending out an email message. In fact, recipients open less than one-quarter of the promotional emails that they receive.
You must use only a few words in your subject line to get it noticed inside a crowded inbox. Once opened, you still have only a few moments to communicate your message. If you use flowery language and long paragraphs, your message will quickly get deleted. Knowing this, you should always keep your messages short and to the point.
By and large, emails that immediately state your purpose have the best chance of engaging your readers. After all, readers will rarely have the time or the will needed to search through many paragraphs to find out what you want them to do. Additionally, as you speak to your readers, address them as individuals rather than as a general group.
Available technologies can help you create and manage successful email marketing campaigns. In many cases, you will have access to tools for managing your contact lists, segmenting your audience, designing content, following up on leads and monitoring results. In short, these tools can help streamline email communication and develop highly targeted, customized campaigns.
Website Design
Modern websites feature large graphics and short, concise text. Although the prevalence of mobile devices accounts for much of this trend, customer preferences also encourage it. After all, few people nowadays have the time and patience to wait for slow sites to load or sort through endless walls of text as they search for needed information.
With this in mind, you should realize that a simple website is a no-brainer for your brand. The design of your company website represents a powerful element of your communications strategy. As is the case with your other digital marketing channels, simplicity should rule. Website visitors should have an easy time learning about your business and brand. In addition, you should always publish content in a variety of formats and encourage people to share your pages on social media.
Final Word
In conclusion, simple content works best for practically all of your marketing channels. When you craft simple and clear messages for social media, Facebook advertising, email marketing and your website you help people get the information they need without wasting their time. In the process, you earn the respect of the online community as well as a place at the top of your industry.
Author bio: Ashley Wilson is a freelance writer interested in business, marketing, and tech topics. She has been known to reference Harry Potter quotes in casual conversation and enjoys baking homemade treats for her husband and their two felines, Lady and Gaga. You can reach Ashley on Twitter @ashleygwilson.

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