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In the news … October 6, 2017

Why Email Is The Locomotive Of Digital Marketing

Email marketing reminds me a lot of the rail industry. The first railroad was a steam locomotive in Wales over 200 years ago. The automobile did not kill it nor did airline travel. Did they alter how it was used? Absolutely and, in some cases, forced innovation and change in their industry and by its leading players. Today, the rail industry is an increasingly dynamic industry that supports 1.5 million U.S. jobs and contributed almost $274 billion to the U.S. economy in 2014, according to a study from Towson University’s Regional Economic Studies Institute. The rail industry is a cornerstone of how business gets done around the world, yet it operates in a largely unglamorous and behind-the-scenes fashion.
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How Apple and Amazon built ‘moats’ to stave off the competition

Firms try to build higher and higher walls to keep enemies (upstarts and competitors) from invasion. Business theorists call these structures “barriers to entry.”
They are nice in theory, but increasingly traditional walls are showing cracks, even crumbling — especially in tech. The plummeting price of processing power (Moore’s Law again), coupled with an increase in bandwidth and a new generation of leadership that has digital in their DNA, has produced bigger ladders than anyone ever expected. ESPN, J.Crew, and Jeb Bush . . . all unassailable, no? No. Digital ladders (over-the-top video, fast fashion, and @therealdonaldtrump) can vault almost any wall.
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Interactive map tracks Moncton bike thefts

A Moncton man has come up with an innovative way to track bike thefts in the city.
Brian Branch is an avid cyclist and a member of the Facebook group Moncton Stolen Bikes.
He decided to set up an interactive Google map, where people can post the location where their bikes are stolen, after seeing a post from a friend on the group’s page.
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7 New Digital Marketing Stats That Jump Off the Page

There were a lot of big numbers thrown around last week in the land of online branding. Here are seven data points that grabbed our attention.
1. The duopoly abides  Google and Facebook will account for 63 percent of all digital ad sales this year, according to eMarketer’s latest projections. In terms of raw numbers, that means $35 billion for Google and roughly $17.4 billion for Facebook.
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