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OneDegree is Changing

It has been 14+ years that One Degree has been serving the digital marketing communities and it has been our pleasure. We believe it is a perfect time to make some changes.
In analyzing the data over the last two years our Social Media activity has far outpaced any other channels. The email stats (opens, pass along, clickthroughs etc) have paled beside the SM reach.The list has fluctuated marginally in the last 7 years but our Twitter followers now are over 32k. We will also be focusing on LinkedIn now that it has been rejuvenated by the Microsoft acquisition.  One Degree is all about business! Thus, Facebook is not a priority at this time. Yes, we do have a One Degree Facebook page, but the traction has not been what we want – we will monitor Facebook and if there is a change, we will utilize it more fully at a later date.
The first thing we have changed:

  • We moved from the TypePad platform to WordPress. At one time TypePad served its purpose but sadly has not kept up to date with the best practices online.

And Second:

  • Now that we have rounded a fairly monumental milestone – our 2,500th article – it’s time we shifted our gears. If you look at the scope and the sheer number of the topics PLUS the dozen’s and dozens of articles on each these topics, we do NOT want to become redundant. And all of these articles are all still here for reference. (The data shows THIS is one of the most important functions of One Degree! The perfect Canadian reference site.)  It’s simply time to refresh.

There will still be guest articles from time to time, but will be upping the frequency of “Industry News Articles.” These have been tested and the results show folks want “more news, more often” and in bite-sized chunks. All this is supported by data we have monitored for over two years and our decision is based on data collected over the last year or so.
We will continue to never use clickbait, nor any tricks and will continue to be as transparent as we always have been. We want to keep you informed and become even more important to your online experience And with the increased frequency of posts (As frequent as daily updates – or more!!)  we will no longer be utilizing email – it is not appropriate. We value your time and we value your support!
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Many thanks!
— mose

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