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One Degree News Brief … November 2, 2017

iPhone users are already ditching the month-old iPhone 8


The long-awaited iPhone X may have some unexpected buyers—at the expense of the one-month-old iPhone 8.

Electronics recycling site says it has received more trade-ins of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus than any other previous new iPhones. It appears that users lured by the new features of the coming iPhone X are trying to cash in on their iPhone 8 and 8 Plus while the value is still relatively high.

James Bell, digital marketing manager for Decluttr, told Yahoo Finance that he wasn’t expecting people to trade in their iPhone 8 at all, even after the iPhone X is officially released on Nov 3.


Expert weighs in on Facebook cyber-security initiative

NEWS 1130

Facebook recently announced its Canadian Election Integrity Initiative, which includes a cyber hygiene training program

The initiative is being rolled out two years before the Canadian federal election

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We are now less than two years away from the next Federal Election here in Canada, and a cyber-security expert is weighing in on Facebook’s recently-announced Canadian Election Integrity Initiative.
The initiative includes four main components, including a Cyber Hygiene Guide for Canadian political parties and politicians, and a news literacy partnership with Canada’s centre for digital and media literacy. It also offers a cyber threat crisis email line in case an account gets compromised.

Google and Facebook must do more to tackle online extremism and fake news, says World Economic Forum

US tech firms such as Facebook and Twitter should be more aggressive in tackling extremism and political misinformation if they want to avoid government action, a report from the World Economic Forum said on Monday.
The study from the Swiss nonprofit organisation adds to a chorus of calls for Silicon Valley to stem the spread of violent material from Islamic State militants and the use of their services by alleged Russian propagandists.
Facebook, Twitter and Alphabet’s Google will go under the microscope of US lawmakers on Tuesday and Wednesday when their general counsels will testify before three US congressional committees on alleged Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

B.C. government’s poverty reduction plan could include a basic income

VICTORIA — British Columbia is planning to introduce a pilot program that would give some residents a basic income in what will be part of a series of legislative strategies to fight poverty, the minister in charge said Monday.
Poverty Reduction Minister Shane Simpson said his government wants to test the effectiveness of providing people with a basic income to reduce poverty, improve health, employment and housing prospects.
The NDP government is consulting with other jurisdictions that have similar programs.
“We’ve been talking with the province of Ontario about their work,” he said at a news conference announcing the B.C. strategy. “We’re also talking to people in diverse places such as Glasgow, Scotland and Oakland, Calif., where they are doing this work, too. I expect to have more to say about how we proceed with that in the new year.”

 Apple reportedly fired an engineer because his daughter posted an iPhone X video from its secretive campus

Don’t cross Apple.
The tech giant has reportedly fired one of its iPhone X engineers after his daughter released a hands-on video with the phone before its official release on Nov. 3.
The video shows Brooke Amelia Peterson touring Apple’s California campus with her father when he tests the unreleased phone’s Apple pay feature and later hands it to her to tinker around. She shows off its new home page features and camera technology, and her dad gives a sneak peak of the new Animoji feature. In total, the hands-on lasted around 55 seconds and was quickly picked up by several Apple blogs, including 9to5Mac, which called it “probably our best look yet at the device in action.”

 5 Dos and Don’ts of Digital Transformation

Over the past two years, businesses have put increased focus on digitally transforming their brands from the inside out. That’s led not only to taking new risks with emerging tech, but also implementing changes to company culture and organizational structures.
To better understand what works and what doesn’t, Adweek spoke with a number of brands, analysts and agencies.
Here’s what marketers need to do to position their companies for a customer-focused future:

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

— Herman Melville


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