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One Degree News Brief … November 8, 2017

Google Has A Big Fake WhatsApp Problem — Here’s Why

Google just can’t keep scammers out of the Play store.
More than one million people downloaded a fake WhatsApp application last week, but that was just the tip of a dirty iceberg, according to security researchers who’ve been warning about the problem for years. And in the last year alone, Google has seen apps that look very much like the real thing – from WhatsApp to Facebook, Instagram and many more – but are in fact frauds looking to make a quick buck for the developer.
While the fake WhatsApp (now removed by Google and the developer banned) is believed to have reached the most downloads for such a copycat this year, according to security experts crooked developers have found their way onto the market all too often.

You Can Win on Amazon With Three Simple Strategies

It’s no secret that Amazon is disproportionately capturing more and more online customers compared to any of its ecommerce counterparts. By the end of 2017, Amazon will represent 44% of online sales compared to 38% the year before. With Amazon relentlessly gaining speed and customers, brands are forced to confront their fate: To sell or not sell on Amazon?

Businesses ‘failing to align strategy and digital delivery’

The report, ‘Mind the digital gap: aligning strategy and delivery’, has been published by digital partner and consultancy Inviqa.
It reveals that organisations are struggling to deliver joined-up digital experiences that meet or exceed customer expectations and are inhibited by internal siloes and unsuitable processes and methodologies.
The survey was completed by 100 UK-based senior digital managers in roles such as chief information officer (CIO), chief digital officer, and head of digital, with the majority of respondents (69%) coming from enterprises that have been trading for more than 15 years.

Your Bedroom on Mars Will Look a Lot Different

Before you sign up for any mission to Mars, be prepared to say goodbye to the concept of the bedroom as you know it.
On Mars, as in outer space generally, it would be an unimaginable luxury to have a big bed with a thick mattress and a heavy comforter. Given the exorbitant cost of sending things to Mars and the constraints of the cramped habitats we’re likely to build there, we’ll need a whole new set of design principles for furniture and interior spaces on the red planet.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

–John D. Rockefeller

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