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3 Reasons to Consider a Master of Finance Online

Deciding which field to major in can be a tough decision, especially with so many options being available nowadays. Students have the freedom of choosing between conventional universities and distance learning institutions, so it seems everyone is trying to squeeze schooling into their schedule in one way or another. Of course, choosing just one degree when it’s tempting to pursue several can seem like you’re selling yourself short, but it’s also important to make practical and sustainable commitments, particularly if you’re going to be in it for the long haul, as would be the case when studying for a master’s degree. With that said, here are a few reasons why earning a master of finance online is a good idea for most finance-oriented individuals who don’t hate math:

1. Can Be Done Alongside Pre-Existing Obligations

The primary benefit of earning an online finance masters degree is the ability to complete your schooling anywhere there’s an internet connection. Studying for an online finance degree using a school like Northeastern University ensures that you won’t be required to attend a campus or study during specific hours. With academic tasks centered around the student’s current schedule instead of vice versa, the challenge of earning a degree while still keeping a job seems doable for just about anyone who has the ambition to get started.

2. Strengthening Your Resume

Perhaps the most obvious and impactful reason why a master’s degree in finance is worth considering is the sheer weight it adds to a resume. Any master’s degree is a strong perk to have, but a finance degree provides distinct leverage due to its widespread application and demand. In other words, a finance major can be useful to every company, so it’s a shiny star that can help you land a variety of management positions across the board. In fact, finance majors earn an average annual salary of more than $73,000, with many senior positions paying more than $100k per year.

3. Obtaining Skills that Will Help your Own Businesses Succeed

Aside from the credential itself making you a preferred candidate with a strong chance of landing the best finance jobs, the knowledge gained while earning the degree is highly valuable as well. With an expert level understanding of business finances and economics in general, you’ll be well-positioned to spearhead successful entrepreneurial endeavors during your free time. Thus, the degree offers the possibility of a stable career, as well as the freedom to pursue freelance opportunities and home businesses.

Advancing your Financial Skill Set and Credentials

In conclusion, the three reasons above all contribute to the same cause – the advancement of your career and personal knowledge. People who earn an online masters of science in finance are 10x more likely to have a desirable salary and quality of life compared to those who do not earn a degree at all. Thus, if you’re facing the predicament of only being able to choose one degree, starting in the financial field would be a wise move for anyone looking to build a lucrative career.

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