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Business Marketing and the Role of an MBA Degree

Marketing is an essential part of modern business, so marketing executives are always in demand, especially the ones who already have some experience behind them. However, it’s also an extremely competitive field, so it pays to have an edge over the competition and, as it turns out, that edge could come from joining an online MBA program. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to hire the top notch marketers or a marketing executive looking to strengthen your CV, the following points should prove why the MBA is a good qualification to have on your resume.

Making Contacts

Be it marketing or some other field, contacts are all important in business. This is why if you decide to complete your masters in business administration online from Norwich University, you will have the advantage of getting acquainted with faculty members who are themselves important figures in various fields. It’s a great way to make business contacts with teachers and of course, budding leaders and entrepreneurs who are in class with you.

Amplified Credibility

If you are applying for a job as a marketer, your resume looks just so much stronger if you have an MBA degree on it, and it’s the same from the point of view of the employer as well. It shows that the candidate understands business, how it works, and has had formal education and training which certifies that fact. Marketing and business management may not be the same thing, but there are definite advantages to knowing how to manage a business while handling marketing projects.

You Can Start Your Own Marketing Firm

Marketing and MBA may not have too many things in common, but if you ever want to start an agency of your own, you will need to learn how to run a business, and that’s exactly what an MBA is for. In other words, MBA is almost a must-have educational degree if you want to be an entrepreneurial marketer.

An MBA Degree May Let You Assume Leadership Roles

If there’s an opportunity for assuming a leadership role at the firm, you will be considered if you have an MBA. From the perspective of an employer, hiring a marketing executive with a business degree means that the company will also be gaining a future leader who can take up the mantle if and when required. This automatically improves your career prospects down the line, as it opens up a whole new range of opportunities.

You Will Earn More

Money matters, and as a marketing executive with a business degree, you will be earning more than the average marketer. Employers will invest that extra bit of money in you because of the already-mentioned long-term advantages, which that investment will bring them.
As you can see, there’s a clear advantage to having an MBA degree when you are trying to land a marketing job or rise up through the corporate ladder, and thanks to AACSB online MBA programs, anyone can do it. The flexible schedules and the online nature of the programs have made MBA an achievable degree for even those who don’t have enough time to go to regular business school.

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