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Customer Care on Social Media Matters (Infographic)

Customers are king! It is not just a saying by chance, but rather with a creditable value.
Customers nowadays have more demands than ever in the history of consumerism. They have more and more choices in the marketplace, which lead to a constant battle by brands to win their attention and preference. And, now that attention is won not only by providing superior product quality but also by providing superior service quality, I. e. customer care. To learn more about how to provide brilliant social media customer care check out this amazing infographic made by experts from best website builder.
95% of businesses indicate that customer care has a direct impact on brand image. Thus, customer care has long become a must for businesses to be successful in the current super competitive and demanding business world.
Out of the many contact points with the brands, recently social media has proven its unique importance in providing relevant customer service. From 2005- 2016, social media adoption in the USA alone increased from 5%- 69%. Can you picture the increase in statistics of social media usage worldwide from here? We trust you do! So, given the continuously growing statistics of world’s social media presence, businesses strive to meet their customers at their ease and convenience.
Business operations by brands on social media are taken on levels of extraordinary support and care, in order to show their willingness to solve their customer’s’ problems, meet their needs, and provide overall positive experiences with the brand. In fact, 63% of customers expect businesses to show customer care on social media.
Customers with positive social customer care experience are likely to recommend the brand to others. They go on social media to provide feedback for their fellow shoppers, make pre-sales inquiries, and connect with brands on more personal levels. In the end, the positive experiences turn ordinary customers into loyal ones. And what business wouldn’t want that, right?
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