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In the news … April 12, 2018

David Johnston: Canada’s strong culture of giving is in danger

The generosity of Canadians is unquestionable. According to tax filer data, Canadians give more than $14 billion annually to charities. But our strong culture of giving—which is so essential to our quality of life—is increasingly at risk.
The Rideau Hall Foundation (RHF), in partnership with Imagine Canada, has just released a landmark report, entitled 30 Years of Giving in Canada, examining charitable donations and giving patterns from 1985 to 2014. The study paints a highly nuanced picture of the future of philanthropy. Its conclusions are simultaneously a source of concern and optimism.

Apple iOS 11.3 Release Has A Serious New Problem

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This is getting ridiculous. While I wrote in my iOS 11.3 Upgrade Guide that this is a genuinely important update (for iPhones in particular), the sad fact is Apple AAPL +1.88%’s work has been spoiled by numerous (sometimes nasty) bugs. And this may be the worst of the lot…In a new report, Motherboard has been able to verify that iOS 11.3 is killing the touch screen displays of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus phones previously repaired by third parties. These phones worked perfectly before the iOS 11.3 update.

Rumored revamp of Spotify’s free mobile service could be a big step up

Spotify is in the middle of a busy time. The Sweden-based music streaming company went public earlier this month, and now it’s gearing up for a big event in New York City on April 24 in which it could unveil the company’s first-ever piece of hardware.
The gathering could also see it reveal a revamped version of its free mobile service that gives users better access to tracks, people familiar with the matter told Bloomberg this week.
The updated software would in some ways mimic the paid version, the report said, offering more control over what you can play. At the current time, the free ad-supported version of Spotify’s mobile service prevents you from selecting tracks, leaving you with no choice but to listen to what it serves up via shuffle when you pick an album or playlist. In addition, you can only skip tracks up to six times during each hour of use.

Cisco Canada collaborating with the University of Waterloo to advance 5G technology

Cisco Canada is making a big investment in the future of wireless technology.
The enterprise networking giant announced this week that it was providing $1 million over the next five years to the University of Waterloo in order to establish a new position dedicated to researching improvements in wireless technology.
As the school’s new Cisco Research Chair in 5G Systems, electrical and computer engineering professor and Canada Research Chair in the Future Internet Catherine Rosenberg will be collaborating with colleagues and Cisco researchers to both investigate 5G opportunities, and test and develop innovations for Cisco’s own wireless networking portfolio.

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