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In the news … April 13, 2018


THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN platforms and their users has never been more fraught. To see the evidence, look no further than Congress today, where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify about how his company reportedly mishandled data belonging to up to 87 million people by allowing it to get into the hands of the Trump-affiliated data firm Cambridge Analytica. The hearings follow a tumultuous two years not only for Facebook, but also for the rest of the world’s dominant internet platforms, which face a blowback after years spent growing rich by monetizing your personal data. What better time, then, to examine whether the internet makes our lives better or worse, and in what way. In a sweeping report released today, the Mozilla Foundation asks that very question.

The European Union’s top antitrust regulator, Margrethe Vestager, has made it her mission to stem alleged anti-competitive abuses by big American tech companies, threatening as recently as last month to break up Alphabet Inc’s Google.
But a decision in the most important of three antitrust cases against Google — this one aimed at loosening its stranglehold over Android-powered smartphones — is likely to show just how difficult it is, even for a committed trust-buster like Vestager, to dent the power of the U.S. giants.

9 Key Trends in Digital Marketing for 2018

Digital marketing is becoming imperative for marketers as more and more consumers are turning to mobile devices for relevant, timely content from brands. As a result, find out which key performance metrics and areas of investment marketers must stay on top of.
A study by RetailMeNot revealed several key trends that are impacting the retail industry and change the types of marketing decisions being made in the future.

Digital Marketing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Marathons are long, hard, taxing and exhilarating races that require immense dedication and perseverance. Online marketing is no different. In fact, I’m even going to go one step further and say that online marketing isn’t just like a regular marathon, it’s more like one of the hardest marathons in the world. What makes it so hard? Let’s break it down.

‘Pushing the boundaries’: Canadian cannabis companies aim to skirt strict rules with creative marketing

Marijuana companies are exploring creative tactics to generate brand buzz, such as the use of augmented reality, branded mindfulness sessions, mobile promotional campaigns and cannabis-flavoured products.

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