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Four Things Managers Should Know

 tip #1 When someone tells you how to run your business – you will go out of business

Never let the lawyers, accountants or consultants (and any other folks for that matter) tell you how to run your business. Trust your instincts. Trust your facts and trust yourself. You are the boss, don’t let doubts creep into your mojo!

tip #2 When all else fails, tell the truth!

I took over a public company as CEO, President and Board Member and when I went in there were over 50 lawsuits outstanding. Trust me it was nasty. I am not a lawyer; I have some exposure to law, as I was a policeman in a previous life, but I wanted to put my beliefs to work here. I made a pledge to solve all of these suits without litigation, nor simply buying our way out (the latter of which was easy to accomplish, since we had no money!)
Well, after a year and a half we had eliminated all of the lawsuits and did so without retaining lawyers. Also, I am not a trained negotiator nor anything near an expert in dispute resolution management. I am, however, an expert in calling someone and asking, “So, how do we fix this? Let’s get together face-to-face and work this out?”
We did and this was one of the most satisfying projects I have experienced. All of the success centred around truth.

tip #3 Follow the passion. And if it ain’t fun? Don’t do it.

Why the hell would you do something that doesn’t turn your crank? If you happen to be somewhere running something that doesn’t get you really turned on, hire someone to do it for you and go start something else – or write a damn book, because if you are not excited, charged and motivated, guaranteed those underneath you will be asleep. Have a look at the 1985 book The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber – I won’t steal his thunder here – this is a great read.

tip #4 Bigger is only better … if it is

Tom Peters and a whole whack of pundits claim there is an optimum size to a successful organization. well, I believe if it works go with it. Sixty seems to be the optimum number that anyone can effectively manage. And by manage, I mean interaction, correction, collaboration and motivation. Anything more leads to dissension and dissolution of the ranks.

 Oh and a postscript …

Get out of the office. Let your folks do their jobs. Let them succeed, let them make mistakes, let them panic (a little) and let them heave a huge sigh of relief that you are out of their hair!

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