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In the news … May 22, 2018

Technology exists to fix design flaws of the ‘Alert Ready’ system

TORONTO — The technology exists to fix some of the design flaws in Canada’s mobile emergency alert system that was tested this month for an Amber Alert issued in Ontario, some experts say.
The “Alert Ready” program — which sounds an alarm on LTE-connected smartphones during a crisis — could be more effective at alerting people to emergencies, they said.

Top Insights on the Digital Signage Device Market- Leading key players Involved: Sharp, Sony, Panasonic

The study of the Digital Signage Device market by HTF MI provides the market size information and market trends along with factors and parameters impacting it in both short- and long-term. The study provides a 360° view and insights, outlining the key outcomes of the industry.

How to find out everything Apple knows about you

Let’s just say a big thank you to Facebook. Not for being righteous – that’s the last thing you can perhaps associate with the social network – but for making people aware than before about their privacy. Almost every tech company worth their salt has now made it easier for users to know what

Trudeau touts technological innovation during MIT campus visit

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau remembers asking his father why the stereo and other gadgets he had as a boy were made in Japan — not in Canada.
The answer he eventually got from other people over the years was that Japan is a small country without a lot of natural resources, one that had to massively invest in its people through technology spending and education.

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