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In the news … May 31, 2018

Canadian hacker sentenced to five years in prison for Yahoo security breach

A Canadian young computer hacker who American investigators say unwittingly worked for Russian spies was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday for his role in a massive security breach at Yahoo that U.S. federal agents say was directed by a Russian intelligence agency.
U.S. Judge Vince Chhabria also fined Karim Baratov $250,000 during a sentencing hearing in San Francisco.

Canadian Facebook whistle-blower: I did no voter targeting for Liberal entities

The Canadian data expert whose allegations set off an international uproar about the inappropriate use of private Facebook data says there was nothing at all nefarious about his work in early 2016 for the federal Liberal caucus research bureau.
Testifying before a parliamentary committee, Chris Wylie says his work for the bureau had nothing to do with the micro-targeting and psychoanalysis of voters — and was strictly about providing communications services in support of caucus members of the incoming government.

What Does A Mobile-First Digital Transformation Strategy Look Like?

What is the one thing that consumers crave over everything else? Is it connection? Is it the ability to work on the go? Or, is it state of the art customer experiences? I believe what they want encompasses all these things, however, their desire lies in the speed in which it all happens. They want it instantly. And if you’re not delivering a mobile-first digital transformation strategy that incorporates and meets all of their desires, you’ll lose consumers to your competition.

Canada’s Terry Fox Foundation Launches Innovative Nonprofit Fundraising Portal Powered By Rallybound

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–May 29, 2018–The Terry Fox Foundation kicked off fundraising for its annual Terry Fox Run with the launch of a brand new fundraising portal, powered by Rallybound, The run series, the third largest peer-to-peer fundraising campaign in Canada, takes place throughout Canada at over 10,000 locations.
The portal,, allows supporters to easily set up a personal fundraising page for the events. Personalized imagery, a photo gallery and deep social media integration are just some of the many features that allow supporters to showcase their connection to Terry Fox and drive participation and donations.

Report: Brands and communications not optimised for different channels will struggle

Brands must transform the way they plan their communications across media and up the ante on mobile, as a recent report shows media consumption on mobile devices is set to rapidly rise by 2020.
The latest Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts 2018 showed mobile media consumption globally will rise to 28 per cent by 2020, with 123.6 daily minutes consumed. Mobile media continues to take share from other media, according to which found mobile media consumption globally will reach 24 per cent in 2018, increasing 5 per cent since 2011.
Locally, Australian consumers’ mobile media consumption will increase 143 per cent by 2020 when compared to 2013. Local digital media consumption will rise to 190 daily minutes by 2020, up 8 per cent on 2017.


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