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In the news … June 13, 2018

Disney’s ESPN Finally Embraces the Future

While it’s true The Walt Disney Company’s (NYSE:DIS) ESPN is struggling, investors should take the media’s reporting on this subject with a grain of salt. Although The Wall Street Journal and other Fox-owned properties blame politics, ESPN’s problem is closer to home: sports.
Deadspin notes that since 2015, when cord-cutting began in earnest, nearly every cable network has lost subscribers. Political networks MSNBC and Fox News have fared better than most by losing “only” 6% and 7% of their subscribers, respectively, the latter matching ESPN, while sports-based networks NBATV, MLB, and Golf Channel have lost 18%, 14%, and 10%, respectively.

Torstar reaches exclusive deal with The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal’s award-winning business news and analysis is coming to Canada!
Effective Tuesday, June 12, Torstar daily newspapers and websites across the country will begin publishing a limited sample of articles from The Wall Street Journal, the world’s pre-eminent source of financial news and information.
Also starting Tuesday, June 12, the Toronto Star, Torstar’s flagship newspaper, will launch Star Business Journal, a major new initiative with both print and online editions featuring articles on business, the economy, technology and markets from The Wall Street Journal.

A Company Built on a Bluff

It was sunny in Williamsburg on the last Wednesday in May, which also happened to be the second day of a new era at Vice Media. Visitors were still required to sign in on a tablet that featured an image of a woman’s red lips opened wide to reveal a tab of acid, but the TV screens in the lobby promoted a forthcoming seminar on “How to Be an Ally.” On the company’s sprawling roof-deck overlooking the East River, Nancy Dubuc, the former head of A&E who had started as Vice’s CEO the day before, sat in a lounge chair with Dominique Delport, a French advertising executive recently hired as the company’s chief revenue officer. They were chatting amiably about whatever it is two people brought in to change a troubled company’s fortunes talk about.

iPhone Exclusive: Apple’s Radical Design ‘Confirmed’

In May my exclusive story confirmed Apple AAPL -0.23%’s new iPhone line-up and one cancellation. Now, I can reveal the designs of the most exciting models and the radical move Apple will make…
Working in collaboration with popular accessories maker Ghostek, a partnership which previously saw me leak Samsung’s final Galaxy S9 design in December, I have obtained schematics for both the so-called ‘budget iPhone X’ and the super-sized iPhone X Plus. And while I expect the former to be the bestseller, it is the latter which will shake-up the smartphone world.
Let’s break them down.

How The NBA Built A Winning Digital Media Strategy

There’s a strange phenomenon in sports in which the larger the ball, the younger the audience. That’s one explanation why the NBA is killing it right now.
Ratings for this year’s fourth installment of the Cleveland Cavaliers-Golden State Warriors matchup were strongfor ABC. Ratings for the regular season were also the NBA’s highest in four years, which is a stark contrast to the past year’s slumping NFL ratings (excluding the Super Bowl).

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