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In the news … August 28, 2018

Google’s search tool to help job-seeking veterans

SAN DIEGO — A new Google search tool will allow service members transitioning to civilian life to include their military occupational specialty code to find jobs that match their skills.
The tool announced Monday is part of the tech giant’s “Grow with Google” initiative aimed at helping Americans get jobs or grow their businesses. The program also is offering transitioning service members, and their spouses, computer training.
In addition, when users are searching for a place on Android or iOS mobile device or in Google Maps and open a business listing, a “veteran-led” designation will let people know which businesses are owned and run by veterans.

Apple Boosts iPhone Storage, Adds Pencil Support, Cuts Prices

While Apple AAPL +0.78% has done a great job accidentally leaking its biggest new iPhone (and multiple times 1,2,3), the reality is many of the company’s iPhone upgrade plans remain a mystery. At least until now…
Suddenly pulling away Apple’s veil of secrecy is respected analyst TrendForce. In a new report, the company reveals Apple’s plans to give its trio of new iPhones upgraded storage and memory, cheaper pricing and a crowd-pleasing party trick.

Google lets you create a sticker version of yourself with selfies

With tools like Apple’s Memoji and Snapchat’s Bitmoji, you’re missing out if you don’t have an animated version of yourself on your phone.
Google is making that process easier on its iOS and Android keyboard extension, Gboard, with the addition of “Minis.” The feature will let you convert your selfies into stickers that are based on your likeness.

How to (really) stop Google from tracking your location

Thought you’d turned off location tracking in your Google account? Think again. Turns out Google tracks your location even when you think it isn’t.
Chances are if you’ve ever fiddled around in your Google privacy settings that you came across Location History. If you were spooked by the idea of Google tracking your every move, you might have turned it off. But, according to a report by the Associated Press, doing so only stops Google from adding your location to its Google Maps Timeline.
Google, it turns out, still collects location data for all Google users on Android and iOS unless you turn off another, more well-hidden setting. Here’s how to actually lock down your Google account.

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