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In the news … September 4, 2018

Invites were sent out confirming the important event’s date as Wednesday, September 12, but Apple and technology enthusiasts seemed to be much more interested in the design of the invite, which featured a glowing rose gold circle with various rings set on a stark black background. This design was flanked by the laconic but apropos caption, “Gather round. Please join us for an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino.”
The succinct invite elicited all of the feelings from the Internet, who wasted no time in making the cryptic design and phrasing into the web’s latest source of amusement. Memes soon emerged on Twitter that riffed on the mysterious circle and caption, with plenty of new age, futuristic and tech jokes abounding.

Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada launches in Toronto

TORONTO — A learning resource described as a comprehensive atlas on Indigenous lands, languages and culture in Canada was launched in Toronto on Wednesday after two years of input from the communities it covers.
The Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada, which includes a four-volume set of books, an online interactive atlas and other components, was touted as an important educational tool for future generations.
“Not only will (Indigenous) children see themselves and their people in such a respectful and meaningful way, but non-Indigenous children will be educated with resources that come from authentic Indigenous voices for the first time,” said Charlene Bearhead, the project’s education adviser.

Video: Inside Air Canada’s Digital Loyalty Strategy

While loyalty programs have proliferated across the airline sector, Air Canada has taken a different approach after spinning off its Aeroplan loyalty program in 2005. It continued to outsource its program to Aeroplan, and perhaps fell behind in its loyalty offerings compared to North American competitors.
The airline, though, has recently brought Aeroplan back into the fold after some drama as its loyalty ambitions have shifted in a digital and mobile-first world.
Air Canada’s vice president of loyalty and e-commerce Mark Nasr detailed the airline’s loyalty plans at the inaugural Skift Tech Forum in June, before the company announced plans to bring Aeroplan back in-house. He remarked upon the shift towards leveraging customer data in more experimental ways that have emerged industry-wide over the last decade.

Interactive graph: How hard have minimum-wage hikes hit job market?

It’s been three years since B.C. began raising its minimum wage after keeping it the same for a decade, and debate continues over the impact the series of increases has had on the job market.
While it’s difficult to quantify precisely the economic impact of any piece of legislation, the changes that have occurred in the province’s labour market during the series of minimum-wage increases might be surprising to critics.

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