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In the news … September 5, 2018


Everything that’s wrong with the computers and laptops that Apple sells

There’s a lot to love about Apple’s computers.
Primarily, macOS is the main draw. It’s a sleek, clean, and simple-yet-complex operating system that gets a lot right compared with the more complicated Windows 10.
But while they exude a sense of perfection, Apple’s computers aren’t always the best choice. There are several questionable aspects of MacBook laptops and Mac desktops. At least for me, Apple’s computers are actually shifting the spotlight toward Windows computers because of those often frustrating facets.


Although eclipsed by virtual reality (VR) among the mainstream audience, the value of augmented reality (AR) in marketing is undeniably significant. Leading businesses are already incorporating AR as part of their digital strategy to attract customers and provide them with positive experiences.
The mainstream hype surrounding virtual reality (VR) has, to a certain extent, subdued popularity of augmented reality (AR). AR in marketing allows businesses to enhance customer experience by overlaying visual information over regular objects. This provides customers an augmented version of reality, which is more engaging and informative.

Google restricts tech support ads, thanks to how bad many of them are

Tech support scams are a problem on the internet, and Google is trying to stop people from getting tangled in them through their ads.
It’s decided to restrict ads by third-party technical support providers, as well as making these businesses verify themselves.

Canada needs to prevent meddling in our elections

Make no mistake: Facebook is feeling the pressure. Scarred by criticism that it enabled Russian meddling during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, the social media giant summoned its biggest tech peers to a summit late last month, meeting behind closed doors with Google, Microsoft, Snapchat and others at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.
The meeting’s objective was proactive — compare and co-ordinate plans of action on how the platforms can best prevent similar foreign attacks, distortions and disinformation campaigns targeting the upcoming American midterm elections.

Nike shoes burn on social media as Colin Kaepernick features in ‘Just Do It’ campaign

Certain people on social networks weren’t as enthusiastic about the choice.
Twitter user “Sean Clancy” said he might go buy a pair of Adidas sneakers as he posted a video of burning Nike shoes.

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