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In the news … September 11, 2018


Digital transformation strategy for the automotive sector

Automotive companies are rethinking their business strategies, in terms of how production processes can be improved and how they gain greater insights into customer preferences through digital technology. These factors are the subject of a new IBM report.
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Canada could be a leader in the global cannabis market — if the rules loosen up: experts

As Canada inches toward legalizing recreational cannabis this October, many are wondering whether the country can leverage its booming domestic industry from an international trade perspective.

Our biggest trading relationship is under a cloud. Our economic competitiveness is being questioned. Even our ability to ship resources to the world is being challenged anew.
Small wonder Canadians feel anxious about their economic well-being, even as our economy shows growth.

Man mass e-mails Nicoles at University of Calgary to make love connection

A young man at the University of Calgary turned to the power of technology to find the woman he met last week after she gave him the wrong number.

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