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In the news … September 12, 2018


Five digital projects changing lives around the world

The first city in Canada to develop and implement a digital strategy, Vancouver continually aims to improve the ways in which
“Our across the organisation have delivered value and benefits to residents, staff, businesses and visitors,” says Jessie Adcock, City of Vancouver chief technology officer.

Top 5 Tools of 2018 to Rock Your Digital Strategy

The rapid growth of digital marketing has changed the way companies reach consumers. Powerful social media marketing, email campaign tools, and advanced ROI analytics are now available to anyone who wants to expand their brand. However, small businesses are far less likely to have the team and background necessary to fully utilize these marketing innovations. In response, a growing number of services has sprung up to target that niche, providing robust, easy-to-use solutions that cover a wide range of needs. Here are the top 5 tools we’ve found to rock your digital strategy in 2018.

How to ensure digital strategy is aligned with brand strategy

Most marketers today are well-versed in digital tactics, but when it comes to connecting those tactics to broader brand strategy, many are a bit lost. Fortunately, ensuring digital activation is consistent with the brand strategy it’s intended to serve is a simple – but important – task.

‘Nicoles’ strike up friendship after man emails more than 240 women with same name at Calgary University

He met her at a bar, but she only gave him her first name — Nicole — and the wrong number.
But Carlos Zetina wasn’t deterred, and decided to try to track down his missed connection. On Friday he wrote an email with the subject line “Met you last night and you gave me the wrong number,” and sent it to every Nicole, Nicky, Nikki, Nicolette and even Nik at the University of Calgary — all 246 of them, he says.


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