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In the news … September 13, 2018


Apple Website Leaks iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and Colour/Capacity Options

Hours before Apple is set to announce on stage its new iPhones, a leak on the company’s website has spoiled what may be coming today.
According to AllThingsHow (via MacRumors), Apple’s product XML sitemap has revealed what’s going to be available today. The sitemap has since been pulled but you can download the old version here.

Driving digital strategy at Agero

Coming to an unexpected halt can make drivers tense, frustrated, and scared — whether the mechanical failure occurs on a rural avenue or a busy interstate. Agero, a Massachusetts-based provider of connected vehicle, roadside assistance and accident and claims management services, responds to more than 12 million such incidents annually.

How Alibaba Is Leading Digital Innovation in China

Ming Zeng, the chief strategy officer at Alibaba, talks about how the China-based e-commerce company was able to create the biggest online shopping site in the world. He credits Alibaba’s retail and distribution juggernaut to leveraging automation, algorithms, and networks to better serve customers. And he says in the future, successful digital companies will use technologies such as artificial intelligence, the mobile internet, and cloud computing to redefine how value is created. Zeng is the author of Smart Business: What Alibaba’s Success Reveals about the Future of Strategy.

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