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In the news … September 28, 2018


New Canada Post concept stores redefine convenience with cool, customer-friendly features

Canada Post is constantly looking to the future by investing in innovative technologies and ideas. We’re especially proud of one example of this: our new concept stores in select locations across the country.
These unique stores are the first of their kind in North America. Each one is a miniature innovation lab that allows us to test new services and try fresh ways of meeting the evolving needs of online shoppers. For our customers, these exciting locations are a place to experience the post office of tomorrow, today!

Facebook reveals new US$399 stand-alone virtual reality headset, Quest

The headset from Facebook’s Oculus division will be a stand-alone device that won’t require a smartphone or a connection to a personal computer to create artificial worlds.
Although Zuckerberg unveiled the Quest on Wednesday, it won’t be available until next spring, for US$399.

Social media giant Pinterest to open first Canadian office in Toronto

Pinterest is opening its first office in Canada in Toronto at the start of October in an effort to expand its presence outside of the U.S.
The San Francisco-based technology company runs an online platform that allows users to create a digital board they can pin aspirational photos to.

The future of Google search looks a lot like social media

For all its behind-the-scenes innovation, Google Search has looked more or less the same for the last 20 years: You type some words in a search box and get back a list of links.
The company’s added lots of bells and whistles over the years, but the core concept has remained the same and the experience has pretty much looked the same.

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