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In the news … October 3, 2018


4 small business startup pitfalls

There is a common saying about entrepreneurs — that they are the only people willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week. Owning your own small business is a goal for many. Not having to answer to a boss, making your own rules and being financially independent are what entrepreneurial dreams are made of. However, these dreams can quickly turn to nightmares without the proper legwork and know-how. Here are four common pitfalls when it comes to getting your small business off the ground, and tips on how to avoid them.

Google Maps Adds A Powerful Feature To Help You Manage Your Commute

Think about it. The best that can be said about your daily commute to and from work is that it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Average commute times in the US range from just under to over an hour a day. If you work in or around a major city, it’s likely longer, and when something goes wrong, it can be much worse. Short of moving closer to where you work, there’s no getting around it. But it would be a lot less frustrating if you had the information you needed to avoid delays and missed connections. Google Maps is taking steps to get this information to you at the time when you can best use it.

Form a digital manufacturing strategy before it’s too late

As manufacturing shops evolve, it’s often the implementation of new technology that leads the change.
Manual machining was, for the most part, replaced by CNC machining, which is now evolving into highly automated CNC machining. It’s a natural progression for most shops. And now, thanks to advances in computing technology, those automated systems are just another node in the entire digital manufacturing network.

Canada’s people and economy deserve the fast lane!

Two key actions will be crucial: first of all, get as much 3500 MHz spectrum as possible to auction as quickly as possible; and secondly, deal with transition issues, i.e., pre-existing usage in this band.

Canada’s cellphone system vulnerable in disasters, say experts

Advocates are calling for the federal government to examine the reliability of Canada’s cellphone services during emergencies after tornadoes swept through the Ottawa area last week leaving thousands with little or no cellphone service

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