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In the news … October 4, 2018


President Trump said Monday that the revised North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada would pour “cash and jobs” into the United States. But the deal’s importance may have less to do with the details than the signal it sends that Mr. Trump is methodically settling his multifront trade war to fight a single enemy: China.

PATTISON Outdoor Expands Portfolio to Become Canada’s Leading Digital Office/Elevator Network

PATTISON Onestop, Canada’s leader in the sales and operation of Digital Place-Based Media and a division of PATTISON Outdoor Advertising, is pleased to announce the completion of a major network expansion of its Digital Office Network across Canada.

CRTC Rejects Web Censorship Proposal In ‘Huge Win’ For Digital Rights Activists

Canada’s telecom regulator has rejected a proposal from numerous media giants, including Bell and the CBC, to institute a system for blocking websites accused of piracy.

Why Corporate Wellness Programs Fall Short

If you have bought a pair of sneakers in the last year, or renewed your new gym membership, or downloaded a mindfulness app, you are not alone. The global wellness industry is now a US$3.7 trillion economy, according to the latest Global Wellness Economy Monitor (pdf), revealing just how much individuals are investing in their physical and mental health.

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