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In the news … October 5, 2018


Microsoft is Apple now

At a small event in New York on Tuesday (Oct. 2), Microsoft unveiled a range of new devices that, at first blush, seem like solid refinements on critically acclaimed products. The company also showed off new Windows software, a new way of owning its products, and one more thing: A new pair of wireless noise-canceling headphones that come with Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana, built in. It was a tight, hourlong information-packed presentation that, for some reason, was attended by Bradley Cooper.

How Your Hiring Process Could Predict Unethical Behavior

How do you really get to know another person? More specifically, how do you know what type of employee that person will be? To help answer this question, many firms have incorporated personality tests into their applicant screening or employee training and development processes over the last several decades. According to a 2015 analysis by the Society for Human Resource Management, such assessments — of which there are thousands — combine to create an industry with annual sales of US$500 million.

Alex Benay, CIO of the Government of Canada: ‘How Canada can win at digital’

Alex Benay, CIO of the Government of Canada, is an insightful thought leader looking to help Canadians achieve long term success. Recently, at the Municipal Information Systems Association of British Columbia (MISA BC) fall conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Benay and listen to his well-attended keynote with British Columbia’s IT leaders from across the municipal sector.

USMCA writes new continent-wide online content, data storage rules

The newly released North American trade pact could prevent large websites from having to quickly take down questionable material in what is being seen as a potential victory for freedom of speech online.

The research and evidence is clear: inclusive leaders and inclusive organizations outperform those that are not, yet women remain underrepresented in all levels of management. This program is designed to help elevate the impact of women leaders – enabling them to navigate the business landscape, develop and leverage their talents, and step into roles of greater influence.

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