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In the news … October 9, 2018


The USMCA locks Canada in on digital trade—and at a worrying time

The global economy is entering a “fourth industrial revolution,” according to the World Economic Forum—one defined by “a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.” And through it all, Canada is attempting to find its way amidst these dramatic changes, by launching new programs to stimulate innovation in AI and smart cities while being engaged in public consultations on a national digital strategy.

Digital dirty tricks sandbag a second female London politician

Two days, two fake campaign websites, two smear jobs.
If there’s any doubt about below-the-belt politics in London’s civic election campaign, a second fake campaign website — another targeting a left-leaning woman seeking re-election — surfaced Wednesday, adding a new layer to the digital dirty tricks seen in this election.

Brands: How to streamline digital strategy

From search tactics to digital ad campaigns to social marketing, digital strategy continues to evolve and enlarge, making it hard for many businesses to keep up. But, there is a way to streamline marketers’ digital strategy, making it easier to keep up with consumer interest. Here are three tips.

Why Digital Marketing Is Not Overrated?

Advertising is fundamentally about creating and spreading awareness of the promises of a brand to the masses. This continuous process later manifests into the ‘brand experience’ of an organization. A strong marketing strategy, involving suitable advertising and critical market research ultimately creates a link between consumers and products or services. While positive experiences can catapult a brand to greater heights, any anomalies can push it to the back end. With social media reigning high and increasing access to brands, exemplary marketing or rather digital marketing assumes a large role.

Making the most of the Next Mobile Economy

Only a few years ago, many organizations regarded digital transformation (DX) as an interesting idea that would soon pass from favour. In today’s digital landscape of smartphones, sensors, tablets, wearables and connected appliances, it’s the driving idea for any organization that wants to remain relevant.

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