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In the news … November 6, 2018

Leveraging mobile for business success

Police officers use smartphones to capture and share evidence. Doctors review medical records by scanning patient wristbands. Transportation carriers receive real-time proof of delivery throughout the supply chain. With almost half of the global workforce using mobile devices for business, adopting a mobile-first strategy is no longer just a good idea: it is now the only idea.

Immersive art or ego trip? Instagram-optimized pop-ups come to Canada

You’ve likely seen them on your social feeds: picture-perfect snaps of your friends, family or Instagram favourites posing in stunning, eye-catching locales — perhaps laughing at the centre of a vibrant confetti storm, lounging in a pool of candy sprinkles or maybe floating in darkness magically illuminated by twinkly lights.

A Review of Both the U.S. and Canadian Economies: 18 Graphs on Industry Sub-Sector Job Comparisons

There is a widely-adopted ‘rule of thumb’ that says when comparing the U.S. versus Canada, a ten times factor can be applied. It’s supposedly based on population levels.

After the Google walkout, is #Me Too about to get more militant?

It started in Tokyo. On Thursday, Google employees around the world stopped work at 11am local time, as part of a planned protest against the tech giant’s handling of sexual harassment complaints. The protests happened in waves, with workers walking out of their offices, carrying signs and chanting, as the clock struck 11 in Singapore, Hyderabad, Berlin, Dublin, and finally in New York and at Google’s corporate headquarters in Mountain View, California.

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