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In the news … November 9, 2018

Ego Is the Enemy of Good Leadership

On his first day as CEO of the Carlsberg Group, a global brewery and beverage company, Cees ‘t Hart was given a key card by his assistant. The card locked out all the other floors for the elevator so that he could go directly to his corner office on the 20th floor. And with its picture windows, his office offered a stunning view of Copenhagen. These were the perks of his new position, ones that spoke to his power and importance within the company.

Perhaps one of the most useful features of Twitter analytics is the ability to view data on recurring trends. Recurring trends gives you access to valuable stats on Tweet volume for commonly used hashtags – hashtags you can use to amplify your brand’s presence on Twitter.

6 best practices for In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter

In today’s media landscape, consumers are in the driver’s seat as they consume content when and where they want. As a marketer, you need to find new ways to capture people’s attention. Now, with In-Stream Video Ads, every brand can connect with a receptive audience while they watch videos from top publishers. In-Stream Video Ads help your brand stand out, effectively convey messages, and bring your stories and campaigns to Twitter in a whole new way

B.C. may feel pressure to stop clock changes after California moves to establish year-round daylight time

Premier John Horgan has ruled out changing daylight time because of limited support from the public, but as some U.S. states move closer to abolishing time changes, British Columbia may face more pressure to do the same.
Tuesday night, California voted to pass a proposition that brings the state one step closer to establishing daylight time year-round.


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