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In the news … November 13, 2018

Google’s Expansion Of Sexual Harassment Training May Create More Problems

Last week, Googlers walked out over diversity issues and the internet giant’s handling of sexual harassment, and this week the company responded. Google CEO Sundar Pichai promised that the company will no longer be forcing arbitration in cases of sexual harassment, that it’s making gender and diversity a higher priority and improving reporting procedures, and that it’s expanding its sexual harassment training. None of these proposed solutions are going to transform Google’s workplace, but expanding sexual harassment training may create even more problems than it solves.

Seven Digital Strategies For Engaging Holiday Season Donors

The “season of giving” is almost here, which means nonprofit organizations are preparing to ramp up their holiday campaigns. For many organizations, this time of year yields the highest donation activity — if they know how to market to and engage with their donors.
In today’s digital world, you’ll want to use smart digital strategies to reach the individuals and companies that want to give generously to your cause. We asked a panel of Forbes Nonprofit Council members to share their best tactics for driving holiday season donations. Here’s what they had to say.

New Survey Reveals Majority of North American Marketers Plan Increase in ‘Outcome-Driven Media’ as Evaluating Effectiveness of Digital Media Investments Has Become More Difficult Over the Past Five Years

A survey of 1,000 brand marketers in the US and 501 in Canada reveals that the vast majority (86%) are likely to increase their investment in ‘outcome-driven media’ in next 12-24 months to map their digital media investments much more closely to their ultimate marketing and business goals, a top priority for 2019. Almost eight out of ten (78% in both the US and Canada) said they would seek to work with outcome-driven media partners. The survey was commissioned by Xaxis, the Outcome Media Company and GroupM’s progressive programmatic media arm.

More Apple products are coming to Amazon under a new deal

In a new agreement between tech giants Amazon and Apple, shoppers will soon see a selection of the latest Apple products on, Amazon told CNBC in statement.
The agreement means the latest Apple products like the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max will be available on Amazon. Amazon and Apple have a history of tentatively approaching deals with one another, careful not to give the other an undue advantage. Until last year, the companies were in a standoff over the Apple TV. Apple wanted Amazon to sell the product on its site, and in turn, Amazon wanted Apple to add its Prime Video streaming app to the device. Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV in 2015, which CEO Jeff Bezos later explained was to avoid confusing customers who would assume Amazon’s streaming service would come standard on a device they buy on Amazon.

How this GM is bringing Dodo into the digital age

Vocus general manager of consumer and digital, Stu French, believes the only way to drive transformation home is to literally start changing things, then ask for forgiveness later.
So that’s the approach he’s adopted as he strives to digitise the ASX-listed company’s ailing Dodo consumer telecoms and energy consumer business. And given the significant technology investments, talent recruitment, process changes and brand overhaul underway, nothing short of holistic disruption will do if he’s to point the organisation towards customer relevancy and growth. As French put it to CMO, when he walked into Vocus, the consumer business was in a dire state, crippled by decade-old, legacy technology. This was compounded by an absence of digital thinking or skillsets, an archaic focus on customer acquisition, and a dominant call centre focused on aggressive selling tactics over service and support.

What are digitally savvy leaders?

In a world of constant disruption and innovation-led advances, organizations are increasingly leveraging technology to transform their business strategies. However, as revealed in the Global Leadership Forecast 2018 (a joint research project by EY, Development Dimensions International, Inc. and the Conference Board), many companies are unable to keep up with the pace. The forecast also mentions that 50% of the 2006 Fortune 500 companies no longer exist, while futurist speaker Thomas Frey projects that advances in robotics and artificial intelligence will impact over two billion jobs in the next decade. Given the inescapable technological trajectory that the world is on, organizations with digital-savvy leaders who are cognizant of the threats and opportunities brought about by technology are now outperforming competitors with less digitally-capable leaders.

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