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Monday Update for Nov 19, 2018


Telcos struggle to adopt unified digital strategy in era of CTIO

A study by TM Forum has found that telecommunications firms are struggling to adopt a single technology strategy comprising both IT and network elements, despite a general acknowledgement that a unified approach is essential for Digital Transformation and 5G.
This unification of network and IT strategies is a response to the requirement to meet growing demand for capacity and data, while also trying to ensure the rapid rollout of new services and capabilities. Technology enables network innovation and so there is a need for convergence.

Google wants its virtual assistant in every room of your house

San Francisco (CNN Business)Google is teasing the future it thinks you want.
Inside a beautiful multi-million-dollar house in San Francisco on Wednesday, the company set up a model smart home outfitted with every Google device and connected home gadget imaginable.
The one-day demo highlighted an assortment of new Google Assistant features coming in the weeks ahead. There are recipe recommendations on smart displays and custom alarms for children recorded by actors from popular cartoons.

Many Canadians are more prepared for a stormy day than a financial emergency: RBC poll

Let’s face it: Canadians are weather-obsessed. A majority of us (62 per cent) check the weather online or through an app daily, according to a recent RBC poll. We’re a nation that wants to know when to pull out our umbrellas for stormy weather, but we aren’t on top of ‘rainy day’ preparation when it comes to our personal finances.
As the RBC poll discovered, roughly half (44 per cent) of Canadians admit they are better prepared for weather-related events than a financial emergency. The poll also found that:
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Coca-Cola repositioning for a digital future

David R. Godsman joined The Coca-Cola Co. two years ago as the Atlanta-based company’s first chief digital officer. Since that time he has been tasked with what some may consider a massive undertaking.
“So my job is to help take a 132-year-old company that has traditionally been brick-and-mortar oriented and reposition that for the digital future and to think about how you take data and technology and apply that to all facets of the business in order to drive out efficiency and effectiveness, whatever that objective may be,” Mr. Godsman told participants at the Morgan Stanley Global Consumer Conference held Nov. 13 in New York.

Three Effective Digital Marketing Strategies For Law Firms

Our world has become increasingly interconnected, thanks to the internet. Consumers have responded in kind, and the legal profession has not been left behind. In my experience managing accounts for a variety of legal clients, there are several key aspects of a digital marketing campaign that should be emphasized for success.

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