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In the news … Friday November 23, 2018

These Are Google’s Best Black Friday Deals

Whether you need a smartphone, smart TV, smart home assistant, or smart charger that turns your smartphone into a smart home assistant that can control your suddenly smart TV, Google’s Black Friday specials might have what you’re looking for.

If you follow enough Canadians on Twitter, you’re more likely to read cheerful words – thanks, amazing, please — and see an unusual number of smiley emoticons cross your screen.
Americans, on the other hand, tend to tweet more emojis, swear words and expressions of negative emotions like hatred and anger.

Fall Economic Statement From Feds Lays Out Billions In Business Tax Breaks

The federal Liberals have come up with a $16-billion answer to Canada’s competitiveness concerns. Ottawa’s long-awaited plan to help Canada compete with the United States for investment dollars is the centrepiece of its latest fall economic statement, which forecasts slightly deeper annual deficits over the coming years. Finance Minister Bill Morneau had faced pressure to lower the corporate tax rate in response to major tax and regulatory reforms in the U.S.

Canada Has ‘No Plan’ to Bring Broadband to Rural and Remote Communities, Watchdog Says

Canada has “no plan” to wire up remote communities that lack high-speed broadband connections, Canada’s auditor general said in a scathing report tabled in Parliament on Tuesday.
The report comes just two years after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, an Indigenous community at the border of Manitoba and Ontario, and vowed that his government would work to end the digital divide that leaves rural and remote communities without high-speed internet.

‘A good digital strategy starts with citizens’ trust’

The ‘anywhere, any place, any time’ mentality promoted by the likes of Google and Amazon has had a huge impact on the way we all live. But what digital means in the real world, including public services, can still be hard to sum up.

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