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What you need to know Tuesday Nov 27, 2018

Black Friday ecommerce swells as shop footfall declines

Retailers that had a digital strategy in place benefitted from increased online and mobile spend during the Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend in the US. Reuters reports that Americans opted to remain at home and browse goods through digital platforms, which resulted in reduced in-store footfall. Adobe Analytics data said online sales in the US had risen by 23% year-on-year to $6bn. The company tracks 80% of the US’s top 100 retailers. Thanksgiving also saw a boon of 28% to $3.7bn.

Digital transformation: a real business problem, not just an IT problem

As the saying goes, disrupt or be disrupted. We need look no further than the advent of new, digital native tech startups to see that we are in an era of change. Indeed, digital transformation is essential for businesses – big or small – as they evolve with the changing needs and demands of customers.

Significant Digital Transformations to Take Place in 2019

According to DXC Technology report, business changes across enterprises will increase quick energy in 2019, helping companies work all the more effectively, open to new markets and client encounters, enhance business results, and reinvest funds for the digital future. In 2019, enterprises will make more adjusted, wager the-organization, execution choices to quicken digital business. We can hope to see new organizations, plans of action and innovations worked in digital processes.

The 14 biggest product flops in Google history

No company has a perfect track record when it comes to product launches. But when a company takes as many swings at new ideas as Google, there are bound to be some epic fails along the way.
It seems that for every product as successful as Google Docs, there’s a flop as bad as Google Buzz.

Millennials, Stop Apologizing For Job-Hopping

Reports are mixed on if millennials are actually job-hopping more frequently than previous generations. What is clear is that job-hopping is becoming the norm for the average twenty something.
One LinkedIn study says millennials job-hop more than their predecessors, however this only contains data LinkedIn members actually report. Gen X and Baby Boomer members of the site may be less likely to report their extended history of employment, but rather the few most recent jobs.


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