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What you need to know Thursday Nov 29, 2018

Stop Complaining About Your Colleagues Behind Their Backs

In my coaching work with leaders and teams, I often ask my clients whether they engage in workplace gossip. More often than not, they respond, “of course not!” with a look on their faces that indicates that they are insulted to have been asked such a question.

Google Faces GDPR Complaint Over Deceptive Location Tracking

A group of European consumer watchdogs has filed a privacy complaint against Google — arguing the company uses manipulative tactics in order to keep tracking web users’ locations for ad-targeting purposes.
The consumer organizations are making the complaint under the EU’s new data protection framework, GDPR, which regulators can use to levy major fines for compliance breaches — of up to 4 percent of a company’s global annual turnover.

Humane Society of London and Middlesex’s rebranding more than cosmetic

On Tuesday, the non-profit organization that provides temporary shelter and relocates pets in London and surrounding communities announced it has changed its name to the Humane Society London and Middlesex, or HSLM.
“It’s a rebirth of what we are doing at the shelter and it encompasses everything we offer here in London and in Middlesex,” said Steve Ryall, the organization’s executive director.

Closing the Skills Gap Could Be as Simple as ABC

When I attended school in northeast England during the 1970s, individual learning was the order of the day. Separate workbooks, separate desks. Strictly no collaboration. And yet the content itself was generic for all students, right down to the teacher’s notes, which we copied judiciously off the blackboard and then learned by rote.


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