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In the news …Tuesday December 4, 2018

Do Social Networks’ Problems Simply Come Down To Human Nature?

Twitter cofounder Evan Williams says in a Re|code interview that, in retrospect, showing how many followers you have on the social network was not “healthy,” nor was the Suggested Followers list, both of which “put in your face that the game was popularity.”

How to Leave a Job You Love

Maybe you fell head over heels. Maybe your feelings grew over time. All you know is that you have what everyone is looking for, but few seem to get: A job you love. And you are about to leave it. How do you even start explaining?

Retailers Race To Own A Piece Of CTV’s Future

The ability to track and effectively target consumer actions has never been more essential to marketers seeking to unleash the power of cross-platform digital advertising. With companies feverishly looking to build or expand video services, the battle to own the future of TV is escalating for media players yearning to take advantage of valuable audience data.

Statistics Canada says pace of Canadian economic growth slowed in third quarter

The pace of economic growth in Canada slowed in the third quarter as business investment spending fell and the growth in household spending slowed, raising questions about the future pace of interest rate hikes by the Bank of Canada.
The Canadian economy grew at an annualized pace of two per cent in the third quarter compared with 2.9 per cent in the second quarter, matching the expectations of economists, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

How Apple and Google revolutionized how we take pictures with our Phones (VIDEO)

The cameras on our phones have come a long ways since the advent of the smartphone. Companies like Google and Apple have invested significant resources into developing powerful software that enables features like Smart HDR, Portrait Mode and Night Sight on popular devices like the Pixel 3 and iPhone.

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