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In the news …Wednesday December 5, 2018

Got a messy work desk? Study reveals what your coworkers really think of you

What does a worker’s messy desk signify to the greater office? Unfortunately, far more than just an inability to organize bobbleheads or throw away empty La Croix cans.
A new study finds that an untidy work space leads colleagues to perceive that the person is more neurotic, less agreeable, and pretty uncaring.

Restaurant operators presented with new opportunities as Canadians’ dining habits shift

A new report released today by Eagle Eye, a leading SaaS digital marketing provider, reveals a significant shift in Canadian consumer dining habits and their attitudes toward food and beverage brands, presenting new revenue opportunities for Canadian businesses heading into 2019.

Apple Leak Reveals Radical New iPhone Design

Multiple reports are convinced Apple AAPL +2.64%’s iPhone XS (details), iPhone XS Max (details) and iPhone XR (details) are in serious trouble with the incremental nature of their upgrades failing to excite buyers. Having tried price cuts, a new discovery suggests Apple’s next move is to bring back a much-loved feature to reignite customer interest…

Right in the centre – I am skeptical

The federal Liberal government has been studying newspapers for several years. A couple of years ago, I was invited to fly to Ottawa to testify before the parliamentary Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. At that time, I made the case that we need reliable local newspapers to cover local news, sports and political issues. The whole fake news idea was gaining steam at that time and has since become a full-blown epidemic. There are now many “news” outlets that spread falsehoods with pride and others that do it by way of sloppy reporting.

Shaw doubles internet speed as service providers race to keep top-end users

News that Shaw Communications is doubling the internet speed for its top-tier customers in Western Canada at no additional cost signals an increasingly competitive market for data-hungry users, experts say.


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