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In the news … Thursday December 6, 2018

Google picks the best Android apps of 2018

To help you narrow down the apps which are actually useful, Google has released its official best apps of 2018 list. The rundown features the apps that have stayed consistently at the top of the Google Play Store charts and wowed fans around the worlds.

What should Canada learn from France’s violent fuel price protests?

After weeks of protests that saw tens of thousands of people in the streets, culminating in the worst rioting Paris has seen in a decade, the French government backed down Tuesday and promised to delay a fuel tax hike slated for January.

The most productive people read these 5 books

Every year Fast Company taps some of the most productive people in business, entertainment, politics and more to find out their secrets to getting so much done. We get a peek inside their routines and habits and even some of their favorite books that inspire them.

Auto theft on the rise in Toronto area, and a security expert thinks he knows why

Thieves boosting signal from key fobs inside your home to steal vehicles, automotive security specialist says

Instagram’s IGTV was supposed to be the “next generation’s TV-viewing experience.” What happened?

“I’d love to see a show of hands,” says Ashley Yuki. “How many of you have heard of IGTV?”
The 30-year-old product manager in charge of IGTV, Instagram’s long-form video platform, is standing in front of a small crowd of twentysomething digital editors and content creators on a warm September morning at Rosaliné, a bistro in West Hollywood. Tucked among trendy boutiques and overpriced salons, the space features ivory tiles, mid-century modern furniture, and cascading green flora, giving it a distinctly “Instagrammy” feel—to borrow a term used by Instagram employees to describe the composed, art-directed aesthetic that defines the image-sharing app.

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