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4 Things You May Need After Undergoing Abdominal Surgery

There are a number of health issues that require abdominal surgery. Once the issue is resolved, there’s the matter of recovering from the procedure. During the next several weeks, there are things you will need to keep you comfortable and allow the incision to heal properly. From finding the right abdominal binders to keeping yourself clean, here are some essentials you want to purchase before undergoing the surgery.
Incontinence Underwear
It’s not unusual for surgical patients to experience incontinence after an abdominal procedure. While the incontinence will pass, there’s the matter of dealing with the situation in the interim. One of the best resources you can use is to purchase the right type of adults’ diapers. Opt for diapers that fit snugly, prevent leakage, and help to keep moisture on the skin to a minimum. Many designs available today are not that bulky, so they are less likely to create any bulges that draw attention.
An Abdominal Binder
Abdominal binders are excellent for restricting movements that could place additional stress on the interior and exterior sutures. Most are adjustable and are designed to not roll or otherwise shift out of position. Like the diapers, they are not bulky and will easily hide under a shirt or blouse. Most are made of materials that allow them to be laundered with ease.
Mesh Dressings
Along with adults’ diapers and an elastic binder, you may need to wear dressings over the incisions. Consider keeping mesh dressings on hand. They are absorbent and will help to prevent leakage from collecting on the incision. You may need some other type of bandage on top of the dressing to allow the leakage to seep all the way through the dressing.
Soothing Ointments and Lotions
Expect some degree of skin irritation. It could be because the skin is dry after the procedure, or it could be a result of wearing abdominal binders for hours on end. Whatever the reason, you want to treat that dry skin with ointments and lotions designed to supply nutrients and prevent rashes.
Your surgeon or family doctor can provide prescriptions for certain types of ointments or recommend over the counter products that will work in your case. If you are not sure how to use them properly, your doctor will discuss how to apply the products and ensure they are safe to use around and possibly on the incision.
Taking proper care of yourself after abdominal surgery is important. The right combination of medical supplies will help you deal with any temporary issues while also promoting healing. If you are facing the prospect of surgery soon, now is the time to talk with your physician about what sort of supplies to buy for use during the recovery. It won’t take long to settle on the right adults’ diapers, binders, dressings, and other products. You’ll appreciate what they do as you begin to see a little more improvement every day.

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