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In the news … Friday December 14, 2018

Lottery agencies turn to online sales, interactive displays in hopes to appeal to younger customers

“I’ve never bought a lottery ticket on my own.”
She is part of a countrywide trend that lottery agencies are trying to reverse. By upgrading technology and making gambling more readily available, they are hoping to attract and retain more young adults — a generation that has grown up with seemingly infinite entertainment options available at the click of a mouse or a swipe of the finger.

The AI boom is happening all over the world, and it’s accelerating quickly

The rate of progress in the field of artificial intelligence is one of the most hotly contested aspects of the ongoing boom in teaching computers and robots how to see the world, make sense of it, and eventually perform complex tasks both in the physical realm and the virtual one. And just how fast the industry is moving, and to what end, is typically measured not just by actual product advancements and research milestones, but also by the prognostications and voiced concerns of AI leaders, futurists, academics, economists, and policymakers. AI is going to change the world — but how and when are still open questions.

How Tech Market Makers Build Value

Why do some well-run technology companies maintain merely stable growth, while others surge? The tech sector’s recent history includes many high performers — often led by visionaries — but only a few outsized winners. Consider two of the most well known: Amazon and Google. Between 2005 and 2017, Amazon’s revenue increased 28.85 percent, compounded annually, while Google’s grew at a 27.27 percent annual rate. Meanwhile, most of their peers among large technology firms saw scant growth — in the low-to-mid single digits.

MPs Go After Facebook, Google By Proposing More Government Oversight

Social media companies should rid their platforms of inauthentic accounts and give an oversight body the power to audit Facebook and Google’s algorithms, MPs said Tuesday in a report focused on curbing the spread of disinformation online.

This is what kind of music you should listen to at work to be more productive

Numerous studies have confirmed that listening to music can improve productivity, but new research suggests that some genres are more motivating than others. The most popular music for improving productivity, according to a study by CloudCover Music, is classic rock, followed by alternative and pop. On the other hand, hip-hop, heavy metal, EDM, and country were considered the most distracting.

How much do digital marketers rely on agencies?

Canadian marketers have relied less on their agency partners this year than at any point since 2010, allowing them to more efficiently manage costs, enhance skills that are core to their business and reduce project turn-around times, according to recent research by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). The CMA recently shared data with strategy from its 2018 Digital Marketing Pulse Report, conducted with research firm Ipsos and released in the fall. The report is part of a 12-year-long collaboration with Ipsos aimed at understanding how client-side marketers, agencies and consumer perceptions continue to evolve regarding the digital marketing landscape. Data for this year’s report was collected between July 11 and Aug. 8 and is based on a sample of 239 marketers and 129 agencies.

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