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In the news … January 4, 2019

Brand Storytelling: Focus On People Not Products

The harsh truth is: stories are shared because audiences find them interesting, not because they belong to a brand. And probably, a brands’ biggest challenge is how to get the attention, the time and captivate today’s dispersive audiences.

But the solution isn’t simply giving up on communication that’s intrusive, such as advertising, to invest in Branded Content incorporating storytelling, because if there isn’t a great idea and talent behind it, forms and techniques become useless.


Top IoT Trends to Watch for in 2019, Forrester Research

Consumers seem to enjoy the benefits of IoT technology and solutions. They love being connected and regularly purchase smart devices, believing in automation and how the improvement it brings to their lives. According to a study of US adults, 70 percent think connected devices are very easy to install, but they still consider them extremely expensive. 62 percent trust smart devices bring great benefit to the quality of their life, while 65 percent say they make them more productive with daily tasks.


6 Amazing Tips for Content Creation

Content creation can be a challenge depending on how you look at it, especially if you are looking to use it with social media. With the right content creation tips, you will not have any challenges or experience problems. There are five main content creation tips proven to be very helpful:


Your Ultimate Social Media Checklist by SEMrush

Feeling overwhelmed with scheduling posts, launching ads, social listening, influencers, and all the other tasks that leave you no time to focus on your strategic goals? Not sure which tasks you should be doing first?

Breathe a sigh of relief! SEMrush’s SMM Checklist breaks down all your tasks into what needs to be addressed on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, helping you to prioritize your work and achieve consistency in your social media planning.


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