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In the news … January 7, 2019

Why you should write a letter to your future self

For the last few years on New Year’s Eve, I’ve written a letter to my future self. More specifically, I’ve addressed the letter to myself in 365 days. Most of these letters start with something like: “Dear Kate, You’ve had a great year…” And continue on as if I’m catching myself up on all of my accomplishments of the year that has yet to unfold.


10 of Our Favorite MIT SMR Reader Comments This Year

A great part of working at MIT SMR is hearing from our readers. After all, you are the ones seeing important changes happening in business and in management and putting the lessons and research from our authors into practice. Here are 10 comments from the past year that we found especially insightful.


Debunking The Cliches: Five Digital Marketing Myths, Busted

With so much misinformation online regarding digital marketing, it can be extremely challenging for a marketer to know what to believe, let alone develop a smart strategy.

The fact that there are very few barriers to entry in the digital marketing field does not help, meaning anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can claim to be an expert.


Mastering the art of digital strategy is a sign of the times

Mayo blanket maker Foxford Woollen Mills has a history that dates to 1892. For 2019 it’s all about online.

“The big push for us is going to be the website. That’s where our greatest growth potential is,” said managing director Joe Queenan, who plans to double turnover to €7m within four years.

“Most of that will come from online, which at present accounts for just 10% of sales, so it’s an aggressive ambition.”


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