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In the news … January 8, 2019

The Four X Factors of Exceptional Leaders

Every February for the last 35 years, the National Football League has run a scouting camp, called a combine, to assess the skills of college players before its annual draft. With scientific precision, the players are evaluated on a number of tests, including the 40-yard dash, bench presses, and vertical leaps. Performance at the combine can affect how early a player is selected in the draft, which is assumed to be a leading indicator of career trajectory. However, many studies (pdf) have shown that although the combine measures the table stakes of athletic skills, it misses the intangibles that make a player stand out come game time. That helps explain why Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, was not picked until the sixth round, and star cornerback Richard Sherman was not drafted until the fifth round.


How to Transform your Content Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

Do you feel like your content marketing strategy has become stale, and you’re not seeing the results you’re used to? Or maybe despite regularly publishing content you thought was high quality and relevant, it’s not resonating with your audience, and you’re falling behind your competitors?

If you’re experiencing any of these warning signals, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to shake up your content marketing strategy and embrace new tools and technology that use the power of AI to help you create and deliver content that delivers results.


The CEO of a consulting firm says if ‘you can see your future’ at work, you may not be in the right career

Switching careers is a difficult decision at any stage of your career.

It’s even harder when the job you’re leaving is at the No. 1 law firm in America.

But that’s exactly what Julie Sweet did in 2010 when she left the law firm Cravath, Swaine and Moore, where she was a partner, to become general counsel for Accenture, a global consulting firm that posted revenues of $39.6 billion last year.


Apple brings iTunes to Samsung TVs as it seeks new revenue

Apple is opening up its ecosystem to one of its biggest rivals by giving owners of Samsung TVs direct access to iTunes content.

Starting in the spring, Samsung will include an iTunes app in its Smart TVs, the South Korean company announced Sunday at CES, the annual consumer technology conference in Las Vegas. Samsung is the largest TV maker in the world.


Nielsen Adds YouTube To Total Ad Ratings

Thanks to a newly expanded deal with Google, Nielsen is bringing over-the-top (OTT) video, and mobile viewership figures to its cross-platform measurement solution, Total Ad Ratings.

YouTube ads will now be measured comparably alongside TV inventory, with Nielsen saying it will be the only solution that measures outside the household or beyond device activity.


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