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In the news … January 14, 2019

How to redesign your workspace to be your most productive in 2019

Productivity is always a hot topic, and you can find a plethora of tips and tools to help you get more done. If your workspace is running interference with your intentions, however, you could be derailing yourself without even knowing it. While certain elements seem like they’re fixed, almost anything can be changed in a space to help improve your productivity, says Anja Jamrozik, PhD, behavioral scientist and consultant for the flexible workspace provider Breather.


Government of Canada investing in teaching digital skills to Canadians who need them most

Digital skills widen Canadians’ access to a world of possibilities. All Canadians should have the necessary skills to get online by using computers, mobile devices and the Internet safely and effectively. That is why the Government is putting in place initiatives to ensure no one is left behind as the world transitions to a digital economy.


Bridging the Digital Divide in Canada’s Rural Communities

Our future is connected, but Canadians outside urban centres are already being left behind. Rural residents know a thing or two about poor cell service, but the problem is even worse when it comes to rural broadband. Despite a 2016 promise to close the digital divide that separates those with access to cheap and plentiful broadband internet from those without, the Trudeau government has done little to make this a reality.


5 Brand Management Mandates For 2019

2018 saw just as many brand victories as brand fails. As we move into 2019, brands will continue to have ample opportunity to inspire and activate customers in ways that improve the discipline of marketing and drive revenue impact. Reflecting on all the trends we’ve seen happening across our industry, here are five things to keep in mind as we head into the new year:


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