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In the news … January 16, 2019

How to Use Video Marketing to Tell Your Brand Story

Brand stories, according to a recent article by the American Marketing Association “build stakeholder affinity and influence action”. Not just any brand stories, though. A brand story must intrigue potential clients to be effective.

Videos, the association adds, “drive home points and add interest.” That may be true, but to create true intrigue, businesses must follow the same rules professional film producers do to make their brand stories come alive.


Facebook’s new Stories feature for event sharing actually sounds useful

Facebook continues to undergo the most contentious period in its history, as it struggles with the fallout from numerous scandals related to data privacy, misinformation, and fake news, as well as larger issues around the social network’s corrosive role in democratic societies.


11 Smart Podcasts That Will Keep You In The Know In 2019

Looking for a good podcast to dive into over the holidays or binge in the new year? I recently listened to the debut season of The Dream, hosted by This American Life veteran Jane Marie, which delves into the seedy world of pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing. If you enjoy episodic storytelling, investigative reporting and true crime, this one’s for you. Here are more audio suggestions from a few marketing enthusiasts at Forbes to help you learn something new, make career moves and keep your ears entertained.



I’M GONNA OFFER you a fist bump,” Tinker Hatfield says, holding out his gloved right hand. He took a tumble off a motorized longboard days before, and while a collegiate pole-vaulting career and a lifetime of skiing taught the 66-year-old how to fall, the remote control in his paw stopped him from tucking his thumb in—and when said thumb met the street, the street won.


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