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In the news … January 21, 2019

The Rise and Fall of the Social Media Influencer

Last year, NYMAG and The Guardian proclaimed social media influencers the idols of millennials and the main hope of marketing. According to these sources, only the lazy didn’t work with at least one social media influencer and many companies had an entire stable of them. But, today, the blush might be off the apple. What happened?


3 Ways to Jumpstart Your Digital Planning For 2019

There is no doubt that digital has shaped the way we live. While this digital landscape continues to provide boundless opportunities, it also brings oversaturation of numerous markets – largely in content-related fields such as publishing, marketing and social media.


Adopt these habits to achieve work-life balance this year

Anyone who works is apt to struggle in one regard or another. For some, it’s a matter of dealing with a bad boss or obnoxious coworkers. For others, it’s perpetual deadlines. But the single greatest challenge workers faced last year was none other than finding a better work-life balance, according to LinkedIn.


Canadian Google offices are expected to face protests Friday from human rights activists hoping to force the tech giant to confirm it has cancelled a controversial project with the Chinese government.


Facebook’s newest ploy to bring back teen users is a meme app called LOL

Facebook’s seemingly never-ending quest to make itself appealing to younger, teenage smartphone owners has now resulted in an app called LOL. According to TechCrunch, LOL is a simple piece of software featuring a feed of memes and GIFs categorized by topics like “animals” and “pranks,” and Facebook is currently testing it with 100 high school users with the consent of their parents. It seems LOL’s design is reminiscent of Snapchat’s Discover tab, and it will offer algorithmically curated bundles of videos users can scroll through using an interaction similar to toggling through Instagram Stories, with share and reaction buttons underneath.


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