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In the news … January 22, 2019

I know who is behind the Instagram egg, but does it matter?

The internet went into frenzy mode, with newsrooms rolling up their digital forensic investigation sleeves, trying to figure out the “why” of this egg by investigating the “who.” Even Ellen DeGeneres was obliged, reluctantly, to acknowledge the power of the egg and send off an invite: “Egg, if you’re listening, I want you on the show,” she said.


Marketing Conferences To Check Out In 2019

Whether you’re gearing up for the upcoming conference circuit as a keynote speaker or a networker, marketing events represent one of the best ways to learn about the latest marketing trends and strategies. It’s also a great way to mingle and build meaningful connections with other marketers and industry leaders. They provide a platform for stepping up your marketing game in 2019 and beyond.


Google is the most popular search engine in most of the world except Russia — here’s why

In all corners of the world, if you’re looking to do an internet search, chances are high that Google is your go-to. The company has cornered the search market, capturing roughly 90% of the global market share. But Google’s domination hasn’t extended everywhere, and Russia is one of the few countries where it lags behind. Here, 55% of the market belongs to the homegrown company Yandex.


The CEO of a marketing agency grants 10 of his employees’ wishes each year instead of giving them year-end bonuses

For the past two years, Robert Glazer, the CEO of the Boston-based marketing agency Acceleration Partners, has welcomed the holiday season by granting some of his employees’ greatest wishes.


The Power Of Simple Brand Experiences

I have a new favorite toy store brand.I don’t know what their logo looks like. I have no idea how simple their digital user journeys are. I know nothing of their brand purpose, or even if they have one. What I do know, is that one experience I had with them this week has left a hugely positive and abiding memory… and it was all about the bubbles.


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