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In the news … January 29, 2019

Canadian Journalism Innovators launches to accelerate digital media growth

Canadian Journalism Innovators is a collaboration of media outlets focused on tackling 3 of the biggest challenges facing the journalism industry: a lack of money, innovation and diversity. At a time when the advertising model which long supported journalism is collapsing, this group of outlets is focused on building new audience-funded business models that support quality journalism. The Vancouver Foundation has made an initial investment in the initiative.


With 5G, data could reach you in as little as a millisecond, 50 times faster than 4G

In the first generation of wireless technology, people obtained the ability to talk to each other on mobile telephones.

In the second, they could text each other and leave voicemail messages.


Why Your Bold 2019 Strategy Is D.O.A. By February, And How To Fix It

A new year brings with it new hopes, such as a newly developed strategy ready to be launched into the organization with fanfare and excitement. But let’s stop for a minute. What are the chances of this strategy actually taking hold? What is your organization’s track record in successfully launching strategies? How soon would you start compromising the objectives due to unforeseen circumstances and other excuses?


Apple News coming to Canada next week after developer debut this week

Apple Inc. will debut its Apple News app in Canada early next week, after years of operating in the U.S. and a handful of other countries.

The U.S.-based tech giant’s iOS and macOS app, which curates news based on a user’s interests, will launch with English and French content from publications including CBC, Radio Canada, La Presse, CTV News, the Toronto Star, Hockey News, the Walrus and Global News, but will eventually grow to include stories from other publications.


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