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In the news … January 31, 2019

Facebook and Google’s multibillion dollar digital ad businesses expected to keep growing, despite privacy concerns

Concerns over privacy and regulation aren’t hurting Facebook Inc. and Google where it matters — their multibillion dollar advertising businesses.

As the internet giants prepare to report fourth-quarter earnings, most industry analysts say growing consumer spending and the continued march from in-store to online commerce will keep digital advertising growing. That’s something investors are keen to see after a year of damaging headlines, congressional hearings and a painful share sell-off.


Why Amazon And Google’s Best Days Are Ahead

Imagine standing on the curb and your taxi pulls up… but there’s no driver inside.

You climb in the back and press the “start ride” button.

The car begins moving. It’s driving itself.

Sounds futuristic, right?


Financial Institutions See Huge Payoffs For Digital Investments

When it comes to digital transformation in the banking industry, the Holy Grail is to have a culture of innovation embedded in the financial institution’s DNA. Few do yet, but banking providers at least appear to be making progress.


See how the Super Bowl logo has evolved since 1966

In 1967, the two competing football leagues, the AFL and NFL, faced off in what was described as the “First World Championship Game AFL vs NFL.” It was a mouthful–but one that attempted to describe a very real rivalry. The NFL had run its football league for 40 years before a new league, the AFL, came around in 1960. In the months that followed the first game between the two rival leagues, a better and more succinct name was born to hype the event: The Super Bowl.


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