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OneDegree Daily – February 14, 2019

Canadian staff at digital media company BuzzFeed file for union certification

Canadian staff at digital media company BuzzFeed Inc. have filed for union certification, saying they want to secure their working conditions and improve transparency through collective bargaining.

The Canadian Media Guild, the largest local of media union CWA Canada, said Tuesday it is filing with the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Canada Industrial Relations Board after a majority of BuzzFeed’s 10 staff members in Toronto signed union cards.


This startup reverse engineered coffee in case climate change means we can’t get coffee beans

Climate change is threatening your favorite coffee. As heat, drought, and increasing pests start to limit where coffee beans can grow, the industry is struggling to adapt–but one startup is attempting to tackle the problem by reverse engineering a cup of coffee that can be made without coffee beans.


Is Your Digital Transformation Focused on the Wrong Strategy?

Industry 4.0 technologies continue to evolve both in technical capability and organizational reach. At the same time, many of these technologies, such as cloud computing and big data platforms, are becoming more affordable and therefore more accessible to organizations of all sizes.


64 percent of Canadians prefer mobile tech while shopping: study

While some Canadian Tire stores are moving away from self-serve kiosks, there still appears to be a great deal of Canadians who prefer that retailers offer more service options through technology. According to the new Connected Retailer Study from mobile and IoT device management solutions SOTI, 64 percent of Canadians say they think retailers that use mobile technology through self-serve kiosks and employees offer a faster and more convenient shopping experience.

Read more at 64 percent of Canadians prefer mobile tech while shopping: study


3 Digital Strategies for Companies That Have Fallen Behind

You’d think by now that digital technology would be a central part of almost every business’s strategy. Yet, our latest research, based on results of a McKinsey global survey of companies across sectors and geographies, finds that only a minority of companies is fully embracing digital today: in only 15% of firms are digital technologies entirely embedded in more than half of all their businesses. At the other end of the spectrum, we found that about 20% of firms are barely leveraging these technologies at all. The remaining two-thirds of firms generate only 10% to 15% of revenue through digital.


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