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OneDegree Daily … February 15, 2019

Apple looking at April launch of video streaming service

Apple is reportedly set to launch the service in April, which has been in the works for some time. Early holdouts are said to include HBO and Netflix, with a new report claiming that saying that the service will resemble the implementation used for Amazon Prime’s Video Channels.

CBS, Viacom, and Starz are all said to be on-board with streaming, according to sources familiar with the matter speaking to CNBC. Apple also has a large amount of unique content in varying stages of production.


A digital strategy for Canada

As more aspects of the economy go digital, Canadian businesses face new challenges along with new opportunities. It’s clear that Canada’s economic growth depends on how we seize these opportunities. Our past few federal budgets have addressed this: they have pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to grow innovation networks and streamline innovation programs. But as the pace of innovation increases worldwide, Canada must lead or be left behind.


How to Deal with “Difficult People

Plan activities together, such as meals, walks, or meetings focused on generating new options rather than deciding among existing ones. The key is to find settings that let us relax and escape from habitual defensive interactions.


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