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One Degree Briefing … February 26, 2019

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Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘High Flying Bird’ mixes basketball, politics and impressive iPhone camerawork

“High Flying Bird,” the latest film from director Steven Soderbergh, isn’t an easy movie to categorize.

For starters, it’s a basketball movie without any basketball. Instead, the story focuses on agent Ray Burke (played by Andre Holland), and his efforts behind the scenes during an NBA lockout. It becomes surprisingly political, portraying the pro sports world as another arena for the conflict between labor and management.


This Business Success Strategy Doesn’t Involve Hours On Social Media

Once in the business or entrepreneurial world, it’s all too easy to think social media is a necessity for growth. Many business owners report they feel pressure they’re not ‘doing enough’ and worry about how to ‘keep up’ with others.

In our personal lives too the reliance on technology for communication continues to widen. The simple task of returning a message now has a long list of criteria to even decide which platform to use—from Messenger to WhatsApp, Viber or Email.


This is how Netflix changes everything

On Sunday night, at about 11:13 PM Eastern time, Roma’s name was called as a nominee for the Academy Award for Best Picture. For just a few seconds more, the producer and distributor of the film, Netflix, would not know whether it had won the coveted Best Picture Oscar or not. At that moment, the air filled with portent, as if a red fog had been piped into the theater: Netflix’s 22-year journey from an auspicious bet on DVD technology to far and away the preeminent entertainment service on the planet was encapsulated in that pregnant pause.


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